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Everyone requires air, but possibly not this......


There had been much hoopla over the course of NBA  great Kobe Bryant’s (think the David Beckham of Basketball) final year with the Los Angeles Lakers, which only grew exponentially for his last game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on April 13. The game itself had a storybook ending, with Kobe totalling 60 points.

With the given hype around the event, one could argue that this was a peak moment to cash in on selling Kobe gear and memorabilia.

One such punter had the shall we say 'ingenious' (used loosely of course)  idea of listing for sale on eBay a “bag of air from Kobe’s final game.” 

Strangely the bids shot up to a high of $17,500 before it and a number of such bags that had turned up were removed by Ebay. Meantime, dozens of media outlets reported on the frenzy, including The Huffington Post.

I guess it goes to show some of the uses for an airtight flexible packaging product!

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