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Keeping up with the trends

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Here at Innovapack we are constantly scouring the big world of the web to find the most innovative design trends to catch our eyes, and we have decided to compile some together and show you a few examples of what can easily be achieved with your brand when you choose flexible packaging for your product!

Some of the selections includes a wide range of dog and cat food, bird feed. We feel that, not only do these brands presented crucial information for their products, they have done a wonderful job in reflecting the fun, lively, and quirky feel that owners usually associate with their pets. Hopefully you enjoy these as much as we did!

Go! Pet foods beautiful use of imagery and striking colours. Beautiful design.



Pams Pet food

Showing that design doe not have to be complex to be creative, and if you do nothing else today please check out the website also!


Pets at home- a little bird told me brand.

When thinking of pets, how could we leave out those amongst us who are avid bird watchers.

Striking design of the flexible packaging used here, we particularly enjoy the use of the viewing window here, to outline the word "food".

Pets at home premium stand alone brand.


Genesis Super Premium dog food

Vets Kitchen dog food

The premium packaging tells the story of each of the products, it was important to communicate the brand's passion and expertise, delivering the message of naturally healthy pets.


Purina Pet food- Be happy

Whether a cat or dog, Be Happy celebrates pet ownership through two delightful Happy heroes. Designed to face each other on the display shelf, their smiles and winks speak for the "Be Happy" philosophy to shoppers.


Buckley pet foods

Everything about this project is alluring, from the colours to the delightful dog illustrations


Crack Pet food

Love the logo and the range of colour that the designer has chosen to expand on the selection of pet food the brand provides. The resealable bag is a great idea that we seldom see for pet food, especially in larger scale.

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