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Digital Pouch Printing



Digital printing is a fast-turnaround technology that is ideal for brands with multiple SKUs and requiring frequent design changes.


1. Run size. Small brands or brands with many SKUs benefit most from digital printing. The short changeover times and reduced material waste can make it an economically advantageous option. The run numbers are getting higher as to competitiveness on price, and lower as to competitiveness on speed.

2. Speed to market. Traditional print methods like flexographic and rotogravure sometimes take weeks to prepare the plates or rolls and get the printer run-ready. Digital printing doesn’t require any plates.

3. The cost of materials. Waste is a significant factor in assessing printing costs long-term. Standard overrun percentages are often lower with digital, and with the ever-changing demands of customers and retailers, packaging in storage often become obsolete, and that can be a substantial loss to absorb.

4. Variability of SKUs. Brands with many avorall varieties, diet options, and performance lines can see the benefits of on-demand printing. But even without a multitude of SKUs, many upstart brand owners are introducing multiple designs within a single SKU.

5. The cost of time. The cost-of-time equation, both short-term and long-term, is being scrutinized more and more these days. The limiting factor in any production chain can clog up design and management processes in unseen ways. It’s difficult to focus intently on the next project when the current one is on hold or held up in prepress. 

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