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Graphic design brings bags to life!


Born to fill the gap between healthy but boring snacks and fun snacks full of artificial ingredients, new Buck Wild tortilla, popcorn, and snack mix products feature real ingredients in complex, bold flavours, with packaging that is equally as audacious.

Jen DeSplinter, Senior Brand Manager for Buck Wild, explains the inspiration behind the brand name: “We looked for a name to convey a bold taste experience, but that was also grounded in and inspired by real—or found in the ‘wild.’ Our consumers like our name because it can be interpreted in different ways based on their experience.”

Available in 10 varieties, the products are made with real seeds, grains, and cheese as well as vegetables, herbs, and spices. Among the unique flavors are chipotle cheddar, Korean BBQ, chocolate banana, and caramel bourbon.

According to Buck Wild Marketing Director Emily Liu, it is taste-adventurous Millennials who are driving snack innovation. “Not only do Millennials snack more than any other generation,” she says, “but they are also demanding more complex, bold, and spicy profiles. We’re excited to give them a snack line tailor-made for their lifestyles.”

To convey the uniqueness of its brand, Buck Wild designed graphics for their flexible pillow-pack snack bags that would stand out on shelf and excite consumers. The first thing that differentiates the design is its matte black background. Bold and whimsical, the main graphic is an illustration of a buck wearing sunglasses, his antlers flowing out to become tree branches, within which is the Buck Wild logo.

Standing out against the black background near the bottom of the pack is a stylized, colored nameplate with the variety name and photography of the ingredients. Silver lettering on the front and back of the bag lends an added touch of quality. At the very bottom of the package, Buck Wild advises consumers to “Snack the Path Less Ordinary.”

Says DeSplinter, “Each element was carefully designed and chosen to appeal to our consumers while conveying our bold flavour and high-quality caliber.”

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