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Did you rethink your packaging supplier? Some warning signs on that !!!

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As your brand grow and evolve, It is possible that your current supplier is no longer meeting the needs of your growing company. 

How do you know when it is time to start looking for an alternative packaging supplier?

Here’s few warning signs on that:

      . High Printing costs

      High set-up costs. Higher unit price per number of colours.

      . No Flexibility in Quantities and Pricing

      Short runs not available. Higher pricing for smaller quantities.

      . Production impacted by the Lack of Packaging

      Orders not shipped on time. No back-up stock.

      . No Technical Support for Packaging Issues

      Poor customer service. Lack of experience. Long response times.

Change is difficult, but it is an inevitable part of business.If your packaging supplier is showing any warning signs, it may be time to get some Free Packaging Advice.

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